"Reading! Wanna play you a song off our first record, ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’?"

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NEW VIDEO: “Getting Intimate With Darren Criss

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was this movie real

It feels like all the clothes that I buy, my friends/family immediately buy/want afterwards. I mean, cool beans and I can’t choose what you want to buy but yeah I buy these things to be different and I feel I’m buying new shit all the time okay petty rant over.

Can you tell I’m in a shit ass mood today?


me and my friends on halloween


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Today’s picture for invisible illness is a personal one. This is one of about 30 notes that my friend has received since using her handicapped placard. I’m going to say this to you, have you ever seen someone get out of a car parked in a handicapped space and said to yourself “they look too young or they don’t look disabled.” I’m going to go with yes you have, because we all have at one time. I can’t remember doing it, but before I understood the difficulties of invisible illness when I was younger I probably did. Let me ask you this though, when you had that thought was it because you knew with 100% certainty that they weren’t handicapped or did you assume that because of their age and/or not seeing a cane, walker or wheelchair? All I’m asking is that we stop and think when we someone need a mobility aid, park in a handicapped space or say they are disabled that we remember this “DISABILITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE OR APPEARNACE.” #spoonie #invisibleillness #disability #chronicillness #rheumatoidarthritis #lupus #fibromyalgia #myofascialpainsyndrome

If nothing else, this post needs to be seen around the internet more. This harassment is not okay and no one should have to deal with it on top of having an invisible illness. This is just another form of anonymous bullying to add to the internet bullying these TROLLS are capable of.

If you are healthy, please reblog.
If you are sick, please reblog.
If you have a disability, please reblog.
If you have an invisible illness, please reblog.
If you know someone with a disability, please reblog.
If you are a human being, please reblog.

Let’s spread the word and help those of us that may not look like it. 

Ignorance isn’t bliss, ignorance is ignorance. 

This has happened with my brother countless times. An old woman basically screamed at us outside the doctors once. It was kind of great to let her scream and then calmly say that he has autism and to see the look on her face. 

Alex combing his hair before Arabella

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